How to take advantage of dealership financing

How to take advantage of dealership financing

Great reasons to utilise dealership financing

There are plenty of ways to pay for your next vehicle, such as using your savings, tapping into a line of credit or signing your life away to the banks; fortunately, there is another option – dealership financing. Unlike many other sources of funding that can leave you broke or tied to extreme conditions, dealership financing has helped people from all walks of life to secure an excellent vehicle on terms that best suit them. Here is a brief look at why it can work for you too.  

Get a better vehicle

Having a little extra money to play with can mean you can afford a far higher quality vehicle, which won’t just mean a better ride right now; it will also save you money on maintenance and repairs in the future. While you should still stick to monthly repayments that you can comfortably afford, dealership financing can mean you can invest in a vehicle that will last more than just the next year or two.

Free up your finances

Taking advantage of dealership financing can mean that you don’t have to spend every cent you have to get that vehicle. Paying off the vehicle in installments will free up your other finances, such as your savings or line of credit, so you will have a little extra money on hand for emergencies, upgrades or even to take your new ride on an adventure.

Take advantage of extras

Dealership financing often comes with extremely attractive extras, such as cash back, free upgrades or even 0% financing. Taking advantage of these incentives can mean getting a far better deal on the vehicle than if you had bought it outright or gone through a bank.


With dealership financing, you can walk into a dealership, find the vehicle you want and drive away in it the very same day, even if your credit record isn’t 100% perfect. Not only will you find everything you need under the one roof, but the process is also a whole lot faster, simpler and less complicated than dealing with the banks. Many dealerships will even let you trade in your vehicle as part of your financing deal, and it is sometimes possible to renegotiate terms later on.

Improve your credit

If you are considering buying real estate at some point in the future, you will need good credit to be approved for a mortgage, and financing your vehicle through a dealership is an excellent way to drastically improve your credit. While you will obviously need to keep up those repayments, doing so can significantly improve your credit rating within a matter of months, making dealership financing a savvy financial move for those with bigger purchases on the horizon.

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